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June 19th-25th
Discounts Not Available Until Then

Check out the newest business & entertainment website for all things happening in Black Louisville www.things2doinblack502.com


Is a marketing concept created by Tiandra Robinson, to showcase & highlight some of Louisville's best black-owned businesses.

The week is held during Juneteenth, which is the official end of Slavery in the United States, and was created to encourage patronage of the featured businesses.

During this week the participating businesses offer great deals, promotions, and discounts to increase revenue and traffic. 

The goal of 502 Black Business Week is to include as many BOBs as possible and increase exposure for them. It is the hope of a 502 Black Business Week, that we can begin to close the racial wealth gap in this country through black entrepreneurship.
Customers can visit the websites for these online businesses or actual brick & mortar locations. 

Check this website, their website, or their social media pages.​

*For mobile-based businesses, check their website and social media pages for locations during the week.

Customers MUST mention "502 Black Business Week" to get discounts and offers.

*All businesses that participate assume all liabilities of their business in regards to customers and interactions.

Stay tuned and make sure you click on each tab to see this year's over 100 black-owned featured businesses!